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Fragrance personality test

1.  Favorite "chill Sunday" thing to do?
A. Brunch with girlfriends
B. Farmer's and flea market, solo dolo
C. Catch up on Insecure in bed with Bae
D. Apple picking with your niece.

2. Top home decor pick?
A. Long-stemmed white roses
B. Fluffy, pink peonies
C. Mini cacti with tiny flowers
D. Peach-scented candle flickering on a stack of Toni Morrison novels

3. Summertime Starbucks run!
A. Iced green tea. Pure and simple.
B. Iced caramel macchiato (w/extra shot!)
C. Mocha frappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
D. Orangesicle frap- Yeah, they have those!

4. My nails...
A. Short manicure in a soft, neutral tone
B. Chocolate brown square tips with rounded edges
C. Matte black "Baddie" stiletto tips with sexy gold accents
D. Warm-tan rounded tips

5. My husband in my head (low key, high key) ;)
A. John Legend
B. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
C. Mike "Luke Cage" Colter
D. Maxwell

Mostly As? You're a simply beautiful "Indigo Love" kinda gal.
Mostly Bs? You're an independent free spirit, and incredibly "Artsy".
Mostly Cs? Bombshell diva, "Dimple" is so you!
Mostly Ds? Soul sista, you're a "Poetry" is your signature scent.